Why Is This Still a Routing Failure in BizTalk Server 2009?

With BizTalk 2013 and later, registry changes are no more required. It can be configured through the Host general settings.


Richard Seroter's Architecture Musings

A couple weeks ago, Yossi Dahan followed up on a post of his where he noticed that when a message absorbed by a one-way receive port was published to the BizTalk MessageBox where more than one request-response port was waiting for it, an error occurred.  Yossi noted that this appeared to be fixed in BizTalk 2006 through a hotfix available and that this fix is incorporated in BizTalk Server 2009.  However, I just made the error occur in BizTalk 2009.

To test this, I started with a one way receive port (yes, I stole the one from yesterday’s blog post … sue me).


Next, I created two HTTP solicit-response (two way) send ports with garbage addresses.  The address didn’t matter since the port never gets called anyway.


Each send port has a filter based on the BTS.MessageType property.  If I drop a message into the folder polled by my receive location…

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Is BizTalk Server Going Away At Some Point? Yes. Dead? Nope.

Richard Seroter's Architecture Musings

Another conference, another batch of “BizTalk future” discussions.  This time, it’s the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles.  Microsoft’s Tony Meleg actually did an excellent job frankly discussing the future of the middle platform and their challenges of branding and cohesion.  I strongly encourage you to watch that session.

I’ve avoided any discussion on the “Is BizTalk Dead” meme, but I’m feeling frisky and thought I’d provide a bit of analysis and opinion on the topic.  Is the BizTalk Server product SKU going away in a few years?  Likely yes.  However, most integration components of BizTalk will be matured and rebuilt for the new platform over the next many years.

 A Bit of History

I’m a Microsoft MVP for BizTalk Server and have been working with BizTalk since its beta release in the summer of 2000. When BizTalk was first released, it was a pretty rough piece of software but…

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Reset BizTalk Server MsgBox Database – Useful for all Developers

BizTalk Server Tutorial

Did you find your Development Machine performing slowly.., its time to clean up the Message Box and Tracking Data..

** This should be executed on the development/test machine only. Executing this in Production will lead to loss of data **

Here are few steps to clean up BizTalk Message Box Database.

1. There is a Stored Proc bts_CleanupMsgbox in BizTalkMsgBoxDb Database. By default this stored proc does nothing. It’s Dummy. This is to prevent accidental execution in the Production Server.

2. Execute a script to recreate bts_CleanupMsgbox. Script can be found at <BizTalk Dir>Schemamsgbox_cleanup_logic.sql. This script should be executed in BizTalkMsgBoxDb Database.

3. Stop BizTalk services from the Services (Start -> Run -> Services.msc).

4. Reset IIS server incase if you have any running isolated host instances

5. Execute stored procedure bts_CleanupMsgbox on your message box database

This SP will take an input parameter @fLeaveActSubs.
Values for…

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ASP.NET–What is ISAPI ?/What is CGI?/ Advantage Of ISAPI Over CGI

Microsoft Mentalist

    * What is CGI?

It is a gateway for transferring information between a World Wide Web server and a CGI program.

A CGI program is any program designed to accept and return data that conforms to the CGI specification. The program could be written in any programming language, including C, Perl, Java, or Visual Basic or ASP.NET.

CGI programs are the most common way for Web servers to interact dynamically with users. Many HTML pages that contain forms, for example, use a CGI program to process the form’s data once it’s submitted. Another increasingly common way to provide dynamic feedback for Web users is to include scripts or programs that run on the user’s machine rather than the Web server. These programs can be Java applets, Java scripts, or ActiveX controls. These technologies are known collectively as client-side solutions, while the use of CGI is a server-side solution because the…

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